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RPG Statements

Fifteen Words in Five Fir Trees

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Quotes and Perspectives from RolePlaying Games
Based off of, and blatantly stealing some of the info from the statements community:

RPG_statements is for those moments when you just want to say something small, concise, and decided. It could be about something a Game Master has done to you, or a really funny game quote. Maybe you're fighting the Best Villain Ever; maybe your girlfriend just dumped you because of your gaming; maybe you've discovered the answer to life, the universe and everything (or at least the plot.) If it's been written as a single sentence that ends with a period, you can post it here.

1) Entries must be in the form of a single declarative sentence. Comments don't have to be.

2) While saying negative things about other people or things is okay, slurring is not. Race, gender, color, orientation, religion, etc. are not acceptable topics or reasons for attack, even presuming you can get it on topic to RPGs. Some drama is tolerated. Solicitations are not.

3) Proper grammar and spelling are nice, but we won't be Stormtroopers about it.

4) Tell the cool people on your friends list. There can never be too many statements.

5) Please, please, please, if it doesn't make some sort of sense outside of its context (even if it means something different without it: if it still makes sense, it's OK), it doesn't belong here. Remember, not everyone reading knows about your character and the dynamics.

6) TAG your post with the name of the campaign (if applicable)! You can find the list of tags here.

-moderated by mtfierce, immlass, and maybe YOU! (Applications accepted.)

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